Weekend To Do List

1. Clean my disgusting apartment. Seriously, it looks like we might really be on our way to Hoarders. I’m not kidding. 

2. Re-paint fingernails and toenails. Well maintained fingernails and toenails are one of the gateways to paradise. 

3. Organize my junk closet. This can easily translate to “Find a way to actually organize all of my dear husband’s crap.”

4. Do all of my laundry. Every last bit of it. 

5. Put away all of the laundry once it’s finished. This will probably eliminate 85% of my disgusting apartment’s problems. 

6. Bake something. Besides muffins.

7. Finalize David’s birthday party details. SECRET THEME!! 

8. Find shoes for my best friend Chelsey’s wedding. WHICH IS NEXT WEEKEND! EEEEEEEP!!! 

Weekend, HERE I COME.


P.S. I realize I didn’t actually write the post I promised I would, but I will. Oh, I will.


Any thoughts?

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