Update on Check List

1. CHECK! It’s looking so much better in here!  (Three garbage bags of trash/cardboard boxes/takeout cartons later…)

2. Not accomplished yet, but I have the colors sitting on my coffee table along with my nail polish remover and Q tips. Manicure time is nigh! Since I’m feeling so springy these days, I chose yellow for my fingernails and pale green for my toenails. 

3. CHECK CHECK CHECK!!! This mostly consisted of dragging my set of luggage and our space heater to David’s closet, since he has nothing on the floor of his, and then shifting the contents of the shelves around a little to accommodate more of our everyday items. SUCCESS!

4. Well… no. But the good news is, David’s going to help me do it tomorrow! He may not know it yet, but he will. 

5. I can’t very well put away laundry that hasn’t been washed. That’s just silly.

6. I didn’t BAKE anything, but I did use my toaster for the first time since I got it at one of my wedding showers. Twice in one day, no less. So let’s call that good enough, shall we?

7. Mostly done! I bought his presents, finalized what I will be making/buying to serve, and got several decorations. I need to get more tomorrow.

8. I didn’t purchase any shoes, but I did look around a little! Plus I remembered a pair of heels in my closet that I had forgotten which may be just the right thing. So we’ll see!

Weekend, it was nice knowing you!

Up next (for real this time), feathering the nest!



Any thoughts?

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