Feathering the Nest

I am a packrat.

I can admit it. I always have been.

I have been reading since I was three years old, and so books have always been a big part of my life. I currently own over 500 books. I find extreme joy in seeing my sweet little books lined up on my three bookshelves (yes, I desperately need two more bookshelves, if anyone’s feeling generous!).

I also collect teapots. My mother collected teapots, and when she died, I got hers, plus began adding my own to the collection. I collect all different kinds, colors, styles, etc.

Also, I have a really pressing fixation with throw blankets. It’s pretty serious.

So you can only imagine how stuffed to the brim an apartment with just me and my stuff is. Add my sweet, darling husband, with his HUGE collection of guns, gun parts, gun cleaning kits, bullets, different kinds of knives, and all his other random stuff (I really don’t even KNOW what some of his stuff is), you have a serious situation. (P.S., my husband isn’t a lunatic. He does gunsmith work and he’s also just a gun enthusiast so he has several).

The first few months of sharing an apartment were pretty tough. I had a habit of throwing David’s things under the bed or into the closets without really looking at what I was doing, so I very soon made a huge mess of all the things that are important to him. After realizing (eventually) that I wasn’t being fair, and that I was counting my things as more important than his, I figured out ways to compromise and share space with him. Our apartment is still coming together, and I wouldn’t say it’s even halfway close to being where I want it (hand-me-down furniture in desperate need of paint jobs and reupholstering/slipcovering are the major hurdle here), I am still proud of our little love nest. We’ve managed to create a style for our place that is totally us, and that works well with our habits and hobbies.

I will now treat you to an overload of pictures of our cute little apartment. Enjoy!

Our painfully bare kitchen counters, back before the wedding gifts started rolling in. Come to think of it, all that counter space still looks pretty dreamy…

The other side of our bare kitchen back in the early days. Those pictures were a gift from my grandmother and I adore them.

That dresser was my mother’s when she was little. Also painfully bare.

Teapots over the fireplace! Also Alice, my sweet little chub cat. This was back when we only had a loveseat. Look at all that floor space!

My favorite thing about our apartment, the sun porch. We spent a lot of time out there when the weather’s nice.

The living room as it looks now. We’ve gotten an armchair and a couch handed down to us by David’s family, plus that bookshelf from my grandparents, so we’re starting to fill up a little bit!

One of my bookshelves!! The pink lamp is now gone- someone, who may or many not be writing this, broke it.

Our kitchen now! We got the knife set, canister set, cutting boards, and the Keurig all as wedding gifts. 

We got a microwave, too!

This was a flea market find, as well. It’s supposed to be used for mail, I believe, but I use it in the kitchen to hold seasoning packets and such.

Hope you enjoyed my photo montage! The long and short of what I’ve learned about decor is that my husband may not give me a lot of feedback on how to decorate, but that doesn’t mean I have free license to display all of my stuff proudly and shove his into hiding like it isn’t important, too. I don’t ever want David to feel like this isn’t his home, too! So slowly but surely, we’re figuring out what we both like and don’t like for our home together!

Next time, the huge disappointment that was bubble painting with my kids today at work.

Until then,



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