The Tale of the Bland Bubbles

Well, as promised, I will now tell you about my failings as a preschool teacher.

I try very hard to think of/research fun activities to do with my kids besides the regular curriculum. One idea I found on Pinterest was bubble painting. The idea is pretty basic. You take bubbles and add food coloring, then blow bubbles onto a piece of white paper, and the splatters from the bubbles will paint the paper.

I was so excited about this project! What a fun way to do some art with my kids! A lot of our art involves cotton balls or glitter or finger painting, and I just knew how excited they’d be to do something different. All kids love bubbles, right?!

I went to Dollar General and bought a set of 6 bubbles, and mixed in my food coloring. When it was done, I had red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and purple bubbles. I put my kids in giant painting t-shirts and took them outside to the picnic tables on the playground so that we wouldn’t make the classroom a huge sticky bubbly mess.

The kids LOVED blowing the bubbles- especially into Miss Abby’s hair. After a few minutes, they got down to painting their papers, with the exception of one, who used her bubble wand as a sort of paintbrush and just smeared it around on the paper. Bless her. Anyway, it looked like things were shaping up pretty well, until I realized that some of the bubbles weren’t really doing a good job of coloring the paper. I encouraged them to use the blue and purple and green, rather than the lighter colors.

Eventually the kids got tired of painting, so we finished up, put them on the table to dry, and went to play on the playground. When I went in later to check the paintings, I was devastated to see that the dry bubbles were so light you had to hold them up to the light to see the colors at all. 😦

Oh well. The kids adored it, so I guess that’s a success.

Next time, David’s birthday luau!


Any thoughts?

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