The past week has been absolutely wonderful! My sweet husband turned 24, and my best friend Chelsey got married!

Let’s start with David’s birthday luau.

I always get extremely excited by birthdays. I love everybody’s birthday, and I make an effort to make those people feel special as best I can. Due to my recent college graduate status and even more recent newlywed status, I didn’t have the funds to give David the kind of birthday I would like (namely a huge birthday party and a weekend getaway). I guess we’ll save that for next year! In the meantime, I started thinking about what I would like to do for David. His birthday is in April, when things are just starting to get beautiful and bright outside. This, combined with exhaustive party planning searches on Pinterest, led me to decide on a luau theme.

My theme, of course, was limited. I couldn’t very well roast a pig in our second-floor, one-bedroom apartment (beyond that, I’m sort of disgusted by that image anyway). But I could decorate our little love nest to seem more festive for the occasion!

Try not to be jealous of this beautiful sign.

Leis were distributed to all our guests

Meet Polly, our new flamingo friend. I like her so much that she will probably remain up for awhile.

This is Walter, our new little parrot. He’ll also be staying with us for awhlie.

David’s parents bought him this little man on a trip to the beach last year. This was the perfect opportunity to display him!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to get any pictures after this, because my camera died. But we had pizza, brownies, a mix of cookies, and chips with cheese dip (served on one of our wedding trays that I have not used until this party!). A good number of people were there, and we had a wonderful time! David got a lot of very sweet, thoughtful gifts, including a Nerf gun and a Thor puzzle (guess what loving, thoughtful gift-giver can take credit for those?! 😉 ). Anyway, David’s birthday was a success!

Now on to Chelsey’s wedding. Chelsey is my pledge sister from our college social club. Way back when, we were president and vice president, so we were pretty much glued to each other. She is one of the people I miss the most since I moved away. In the last year I lived there, we ate lunch together every week and every Wednesday night, I would go to her house for wedding planning and gossip. Now, we e-mail nearly every day and text all day long, so we do the best we can without each other. Anyway, I have been anxiously awaiting her wedding for months, because she and her now husband are probably the most adorable couple in the world (or maybe they tie with David and me!).

Anyway, I also got to reunite with some of our pledge line that I have not seen in a very long time, so that was absolutely wonderful. The day was perfect!! I’ll sign off here with a few pictures from the wedding.

This is my 11. We were roommates for a few months, and I was so excited to see her!

This is my old roommate from after my 11 graduated and moved away. She is on the pledge line below me, and I love her dearly!

My 5. She has moved to Louisiana, so her appearance was like a celebrity sighting!

Our line (or at least, those of us who could make it)! We’re all scattered now, but I love them all so much.



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