Because I like lists.

Things That Irritate Abby

1. Dirty feet

2. People who hate cats for no reason. (Those of you with allergies, rest easy. This doesn’t concern you.)

3. People who joke about me being a crazy cat lady because I have more than one cat. If I had four dogs and dressed them all in little matching sweaters and Santa hats and sent out Christmas cards featuring their picture, not a single one of you would pick on me.

4. Getting my feet wet when I’m not swimming or bathing.

5. Cleaning out the refrigerator.

6. Blow-drying my hair.

7. Cutesy abbreviations. Totes, obvi, YOLO, BOGO, etc.

8. When people makes faces at the food you’re eating because they don’t like it.

9. Standing in line.

10. When people talk to you while you are on the phone with someone else. (Unless it’s something extremely important that cannot wait.)


Tomorrow’s Friday!!




Any thoughts?

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