Weekend To Do List

1. Wash dishes. It’s bad. It’s really, really bad. Don’t look in my kitchen. 

2. Put together my new bookshelf. And the space saver we got as a wedding gift six months ago and never even assembled. 

3. Clean out my car. Someday soon I won’t be able to see out of my back windshield because of how high the crap is piling. 

4. Take pictures of my cats. Just because. 

5. Finish the stupid book I’m reading. Even if it’s the most boring book I have ever read, I must finish all books I start. 

6. Paint toenails. Just because. 

7. Go on a date with my husband! THE AVENGERS, HERE WE COME! 

8. Work on my book. You don’t exactly become a published author by watching hours of Nanny 911 and reading The Baby-Sitters Club, you know. 

9. Organize shower items in my shower caddy. There’s no point in having a shower caddy if you continue to stuff things into the teeny shelf in the corner of your shower. 

10. Take a nap! Just because. 


Update coming soon!




Any thoughts?

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