Update on To Do List

1. OH YEAH, BABY.  I also bought a new dish drainer to go in the sink to aid in the process. And as a bonus, I cleaned out the refrigerator and re organized the freezer.

2. No. No, I did not do these. Blame it on my husband.

3. Well, I didn’t do this either. But I did think about it at least five times over the weekend.

4. I definitely did this. Facebook friends, look for about ten new pictures to be added soon.

5. I definitely did not even come close to doing this. I read about three pages. It’s just so bad.

6. DONE! They are bright green. And my fingernails are now pink. I was feeling ultra-colorful.

7. CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK. The Avengers was amazing. I was so, so pleased with it. We had a wonderful date- we ate an early dinner at Mi Toro, went to see the movie, and then went to David’s parents house to hang out with them and with David’s sister Maddie and her husband. It was a great night!

8. Did it! I didn’t get a lot of actual writing done, but I got a LOT of the plot worked out and started working on an outline.

9. Did it! No more knocking things off the sides of the bathtub and scaring myself half to death.

10. Did it! Granted, it was literally a ten minute nap because it was so hot today I could hardly breathe, but I did it.

So not an extremely productive weekend, but better than nothing, right?!

I had a great weekend overall. Friday, I found a gift card to Belk that I forgot we had, so I went to Belk and wandered around for awhile. I couldn’t find anything we really needed to have for the apartment, so I decided to buy a new purse for the spring. Then I found out that the purses were 30% off, THEN I found another gift card in my wallet that still had five dollars left on it, so I got a dreamy new blue purse, regular price $45, for $3.40. I’m in love with it. I have never been a purse person, but I can still appreciate a truly pretty one.

I also found a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond, so I went to the website Friday night to look around a little. Again, I found nothing we just really needed, so I decided a fun gift was in order. I truly, really hate our shower curtain.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s just so bland and blah and I bought it because I had no idea what I wanted to do with our bathroom so a neutral shower curtain seemed best. Anyway, I’m more than ready to bring a little color into the bathroom now, so I found an ADORABLE patchwork curtain in blue, green, and yellow and fell in love. I ordered it and I will be checking the mail every day at least four times a day until that little beauty shows up in our mailbox.

The weekend has been dreamy, and I hate to see it go. I said that last weekend, too, and was pleasantly surprised by how well the week went, so we’ll see!

Catch you later!



Any thoughts?

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