Wednesday Wish List

I am going to try really hard to stop posting in list form, but I can’t help myself. I just love lists, and alliteration. So, it is Wish List Wednesday. (I’m not sure this will be an every-week trend, but we’ll see.)

1. A curtain for my kitchen window. I probably need to take the “creepy cloth” that I put up for Halloween down. When it’s not October, it just looks raggedy. However, I can’t stand to not have something over the window. Oh, how complex life can be.

2. A cat tree for my little darlings. They have plenty of toys, but they need some more furniture.

3. The Full House series on DVD. How much better my life would be, if Uncle Jesse were here to share it with me.

4. Never-ending supply of Cherry Vanilla Diet Pepsi. The Sonic version is good, but it isn’t quite the same.

5. A dress from my ModCloth wish list. I’m not very picky. Most any will do.

6. An extra set of the cleaning pads for my Shark Steam Mop. I only have two, and they are washable, but it would be nice to not have to schedule mopping around my laundry schedule, which is irregular at best.

7. A trip to the zoo.

8. Tickets to the 2012 Trans-Siberian Orchestra show.

9. All the water-scented candles in the state of Mississippi. Fresh Rain, Ocean Mist, Sea Breeze, whatever. I love them all.

10. Hair that skips straight past the awkward in-between phase while being grown out, and goes straight to the length I desire. Dreams are free.

Now, it’s time to watch That 70s Show with my husband. Up next, a crafty post! Can you imagine?!



Any thoughts?

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