Paperback Swap

I am so extremely excited about what I am about to tell you.

I just joined a book swapping club!! EEEEEEEE!

Do you guys remember my book addiction? Oh, it is so bad. Here are a few pictures to help you visualize.

This is the bookshelf in the craft/cat room, which houses most of my junky, guilty pleasure type books.

Bookshelf in the bedroom. This is where miscellaneous books live, from books that I re-read to books I have never read and have higher up on my reading list.

The bookshelf in the living room. This is where my “pretty” books live.

In addition to these three shelves, I have a stack of books on our coffee table, random books stuffed into a little hidey-hole shelf in the hallway, my cookbook collection in the kitchen, and four boxes of books stuffed under my bed and in my closet. Plus I just inherited a huge box of books from  a friend of ours, and I’m starting to get overwhelmed by my own addiction.

Anyway, I’ve now find something of a solution. I think.

I just joined Paperback Swap, an online book swapping club. I’ve posted 78 (SEVENTY-EIGHT!) books that I really don’t want, but that I was given as gifts or bought on a whim at Salvation Army and ended up regretting, and so far I have had eight or nine requests for books!!! I have already requested two books, and whenever I mail out the books that have been requested from me, I will receive more credits to receive more books! EEEEP!

I realize I’m replacing books with books. BUT. I will be giving away books I don’t like and adding books I REALLY want to my collection. And if I request one and end up don’t liking it, I can always post it back up for ordering.

I’m pretty excited about this, if you can’t tell. WOO!

Up next, for real this time, Crafty Abby. If you’re into word combinations, CrAbby. That doesn’t sound so good, though. Anyway, see you next time!



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