Craft Time

I LOVE having craft time.

Craft time usually consists of me, a scary movie, my cats, and a weekend afternoon when David is at work and I can work in peace. Bless David’s little angel heart, he doesn’t know how to steer clear when I am in my craft zone, so my projects usually get abandoned to hang out with him.

Being in an apartment, it’s hard to do too much in the way of wall decor without destroying the walls (and the return of your deposit upon moving out). I am always on the hunt for something easy as well as non-destructive to spruce up our place, and a few months ago, while browsing on Pinterest, I found the perfect, PERFECT, idea.

I found this tutorial  for painting fabric onto walls! I was intrigued, and when I read further, found that it is completely removable and does not damage the walls. The tutorial is extremely easy to follow, and I was SO pleased with the results!

I happen to adore trees, and I really love to find ways to use them in home decor. I decided to use my fabric scraps and form a giant tree on my living room wall.

Oliver loves to help.

I pieced together the scraps on the floor before gluing.

Finished product. It goes all the way to the floor.

Then some birds were added to the branches to give it a little more color.

Our living room is much more colorful and the walls look way better these days. Plus, the tree is a great conversation piece for first-time guests. I love it!

It is finally Friday, and I am so happy. It has been one rough week. I am really ready to have some time to relax, clean, and read. I’m so excited!!! I’ll try to pop in over the weekend and give you some updates on life.

Until then,



2 thoughts on “Craft Time

  1. Oh My God!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like this. It is absolutely beautiful. The birds are the perfect & my favorite touch! You are brilliant!

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