Marriage on Monday

David and I celebrated our six-month wedding anniversary this past Saturday. Of course, David celebrated by working a 13-hour shift at his job, and I celebrated by drinking entirely too much caffeine and cleaning my entire house,then going to see The Avengers again with Maddie, David’s sister.

Sometimes I really just cannot believe David and I have been married six months. Sometimes it seems like we’ve only been Mr. and Mrs. for a few weeks, and other times I can’t believe we haven’t already been married two or three years. Either way it goes, we are so happy. I am regularly accused of being disgustingly in love with my husband, and you know what? I’m PROUD of it. I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of, and I feel sorry for the people who say that to me like it’s a bad thing.

First picture of 2011, shortly after we got engaged. Don’t you just want to squish his face until it caves in?

I can’t say that things have always been perfect, of course. Being in a long distance relationship for two years, then 1) adjusting to living in the same town and 2) sharing one teeny little apartment all in a few months has been frustrating at times. But overall, I can’t imagine this life without anyone else by my side.

Have a happy week!



Any thoughts?

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