Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. David and I are watching Matilda right now. I loved this movie more than anything when I was in the fourth grade. I watched it every night when I was going to bed. One time I had an awful nightmare about the scene where Matilda uses her powers to scare Ms. Trunchbull. It was probably one of the scariest dreams I have ever had.

2. The actual scariest dream I have ever had was when I was around eight or nine. I dreamed that I woke up and it was raining, and these little stick men with triangle shaped heads were trying to climb in my window. Actual stick people, not stick-people drawings. They had beady eyes and claws. They had already killed everyone in the house and were trying to climb in my window to get me.

3. I really can’t stand the sound of the word “chocolate” when spoken in a British accent.

4. I’m glad that the duck face picture trend is fading.

5. It really upsets me in movies when people are punched or hit or whatever and their teeth are bloody. It makes me sick to my stomach.

6. One of my kids found a roly poly today on the playground. I used to love those when I was little but I got the creeps looking at it today.

7. I really want to post pictures of all my teapots but I don’t think anybody would like that post.

8. Paperback Swap is my favorite hobby. I sent off three books last Friday and I’m receiving two in the mail this week plus I’ve requested two more.

9. Walter and Polly are still doing really well. I’m going to make them little flags to hold for the 4th of July.

10. My plans for my book are coming along so well, but I need to try and write more. I have so many ideas but I can’t connect all the images together.


I guess that’s about all for today! The week is already flying by. I can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday! I’m excited for our end-of-the-year pizza party at the park Friday!!




Any thoughts?

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