Wish List Wednesday


1. I need this doormat for my apartment. It is too sweet and it matches perfectly.

2. A new wax warmer. We have one but I’d really like another one to go in the living room, too. Maybe this one?

3. A copy of The Black Swan on DVD.

4. A pair of rain boots. No peacocks, animal prints, or owls, please.

5. A pre-ordered copy of Emily Giffin’s new book, Heart of the Matter. Favorite author!

6. A gym membership. I’m not excited about spending my summer panting and sweating walking at the park.

7. A maid. But only to do one thing- clean my baseboards. I have no problem cleaning the rest of the house, but my baseboards drive me insane.

8. A huge box stuffed full of lint rollers. When you’re living in a multi-cat household, and you shed hair constantly, hair becomes a constant problem. Add to that fact that David and I both wear black frequently, and you’ve got a major problem.

9. A cheesecake. Right now. I’d balance it on my belly and devour the whole thing within five minutes. MUST HAVE CHEESECAKE.

10. A bag of ultimate oranges from Wal-Mart. Best food in the world.


There you have it, more items to make my life a little more full. Up next, a field trip with my kids. It’s going to be phenomenal.




Any thoughts?

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