Update on To Do List

Maybe I should re-name these lists from “To Do List” to “A List of Goals I Could Reasonably Accomplish and Another Few Goals I Probably Won’t Finish.”

Anyway. Let’s see what happened this weekend.

1. I did clean out my car. The trunk… another story entirely. But I didn’t say car AND truck, did I?

2. Oh yes, I did. And it was glorious. It’s my favorite mindless television to watch while I clean house.

3. I didn’t make a chicken dish, but I did cook a delicious dinner last night! CHECK.

4. I definitely wore my cat t-shirt to Dollar General twice yesterday. The cashier didn’t think my t-shirt was as funny as I did. Ah, well.

5. Check!! Keep checking in with me to see a new endeavor develop.

6. No… 😦 I didn’t have anybody to go with me, and I just cannot go by myself.

7. Well. I didn’t run at the park. But I did walk. So there.

8. Not done yet, but I have plans to make my way out there as soon as I finish this post!

9. Nope. 😦 I got too wrapped up in Nanny 911 yesterday to get over there. What do you do when two of your to-do list items collide?

10. Check!

I also got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed baseboards, emptied and cleaned the litterboxes, scrubbed the bathroom, and did five loads of laundry. So a good weekend overall!!

Next time, the bittersweet End of the Year field trip with my kids.



Any thoughts?

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