Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. David knocked our Scentsy warmer over and broke it. 😦 He felt so bad about it that I couldn’t get mad, but oh, I am sad.

2. I absolutely hate the feeling of needing to brush my teeth. It pretty much shows up the moment I eat or drink something, and that can be really inconvenient. Chewing gum does NOT help the feeling subside.

3. Sometimes I feel bad that my Pinterest followers have to scroll through all my pins when I get on a kick with one thing or another. One minute it’s muffin recipes, the next it’s 87 tutorials on how to make a cat bed from a suitcase.

4. I just ordered another cat book through Paperback Swap. I can’t help myself.

5. The door to the living room closet is open, and I can see my yearbooks from freshman and senior year of high school, but not sophomore and junior year. Where are they?

6. I just picked out what teapot I’ll be posting about next, and I am so excited.

7. David looks very good in red. He’s wearing a red t shirt and I just want to pinch his cheeks.

8. I really, really dislike Rogue’s voice in the X Men cartoons.

9. I passed up two yellow candle holders at the flea market Monday, and I am currently regretting that decision. :/

10. This morning, after David left for work I was home alone straightening my hair, and the power kept blinking so much that finally I got too spooked to handle it and ran out the door. The reason I was spooked? The sky was pitch black because of the thunderstorms, and I was reading a Baby-Sitters Club Super Mystery. I am a big weenie.


That’s all for tonight!! We started summer vacation today at work, and working with the grade-school kids all summer is going to be a totally different ball game! We had fun, but it is going to be one wild summer. I can’t wait to fall face-first into my bed in about five minutes. Good night!





Any thoughts?

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