Thank God It’s Friday Night and I Juuuuuuuust GOT PAID!

The thing is, I really love N Sync. I was more of a Backstreet Boys girl, but both are very special to me.

Anyway, every time I pick up my paycheck on a Friday, I start singing this song to myself.

I’m pretty happy for the weekend. The start of summer vacation has been wild. I have the grade school kids this summer, and they are awesome, but it’s very different from the routine I’ve been on for nearly a year now. I have had an AWESOME Friday, though. My new book from Paperback Swap came in the mail (Love and Murder, a Sweet Valley University Thriller Edition)**, Bridge to Terabithia came in from Netflix, I bought Rock of Love Season 1 on DVD (For SIX DOLLARS!!!) at the gas station, and I just got a call for a baby-sitting job tomorrow for one of my favorite kids.

And at this very moment, I am curled up on the couch watching Super Troopers with David. I might also add that I am eating an orange popsicle and wearing an two sizes too large gray Snuggie.

Is this the life or what?



My to-do list for the weekend is very short, but for routine’s sake, here we go!!

1. Clean the apartment. Dishes and litterboxes are my main concern. 

2. Watch Bridge to Terabithia. 

3. Change out the pictures in my picture frames. Maybe I should ask for a digital picture frame for Christmas… 

4. Paint fingernails and toenails. This purple polish has got to go. 

5. Work on my book.

6. Get a car wash. Preferably for both our cars. 

And that is IT!! Can you believe it? I am actually going to try to relax this weekend!

Have a great one, guys!


**Yes, I am spending my Paper Back Swap credits on young adult novels from my childhood. This is a judgement free zone.


Any thoughts?

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