Changing My Vocabulary

Negativity is everywhere around us these days.

People use their Facebook statuses to blast their anger at friends, family, exes, and enemies. I admit, I have done the same several times. Thinly veiled references to people I took issue with, hurling insults that anyone who knew me could probably decode.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just becoming ultra-private as I grow older, but I don’t see the point of that kind of thing anymore. I’m more aware than ever now that my Facebook account is all too public. My kids’ parents can see these statuses, and if they scroll back a few years, it’s all too easy to discover just how hateful and mean I was at times in college. I now find those statuses and comments humiliating. Of course, I could always go back and delete it all.

Why haven’t I?

Well, you can’t erase the past. Maybe I can delete some of the Internet evidence, but it’s years ago now, so I’m just going to put it all behind me. The world of Facebook can still know when I am having a bad day, but I refuse to blast my negativity anymore. The last thing I want is for the people who are in my life now- after college, in this new adult life I’m building- to see me acting like the angry, angst-ridden twenty-year-old I used to be.

I’m 24 years old, married, and a teacher. I don’t have to grow up all at once, but I’m learning life lessons as I go and I am making sure that I let those lessons shape the woman I am becoming.





One thought on “Changing My Vocabulary

  1. I can relate to this on so many levels. I’ve actually gotten in trouble with employers, and former employers on the things I’ve written on Facebook. It annoyed me at the time to have someone censoring me, as I felt my Facebook is my business, not anyone else’s. But, the fact of the matter is, when you publish things like that to Facebook, it’s on the internet, it’s in the public eye and whether I like it or not, someone is going to see if and feel the need to comment. I’ve learned a lot of lessons through posting things. It was never about censoring, it was always about changing my attitude. Some things you just don’t need to put out there and negativity is one of them. It’s so easy to broadcast the negative and keep the positive to yourself. Why is that? I mainly use Twitter to be negative now, although, I’m learning that even doing it there is wrong. I don’t like reading negative things, so why would anyone else want to read the negative I’m putting out there? I also wouldn’t say you are becoming more private. That may be a contributing factor, but I think it’s mainly bc you are maturing and realizing that throwing negativity into the world is not beneficial to anyone. The great thing about our pasts is that they are in the past and that our transgressions are always forgiven if we ask for forgiveness. You’re no longer that angsty 20 year old, and you never have to be again.

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