I am always happy it’s the weekend, but this weekend I am exceptionally happy to see the work week go. I have had a very difficult time this week, and I just need a mental break. I’m still loving my job, but between this persistent hacking cough (which doesn’t even have the respect to develop into an actual sickness, and instead remains an annoying dry rasping cough), my general lack of good, restful sleep, and working so much, I am drained and in need of relaxation and alone time.

I plan to spend the weekend reading and working on some creative projects I have in mind. I’m so excited!

In other news, today is National Best Friends Day, and I would be totally lacking as a best friend if I didn’t write a tribute to my best friend, Chelsey.

As you already know from previous posts, Chelsey and I went to college together at Mississippi University for Women. We saw each other around campus occasionally, but we didn’t ever talk until we both became interested in pledging the same social club, Jesters. We were both called to pledge and ended up becoming President and Vice President of the club in our active year.

Chelsey and I had our ups and downs during the pledging process, but we managed to work things out, and when we became alums of our club, our friendship became much stronger. We have seen each other through so much over the course of our friendship, and I cherish her even more now that I have moved away. Chelsey is one of the most supportive people in my life, and I never feel that any of my problems are too trivial to discuss with her. There are friends that come and go, and there are friends who will be in your life always, and I have a feeling that wherever life takes us, Chelsey and I will always have each other.

Chelsey was the first person I called when I got engaged, and vice versa. We gave each other wedding showers, and attended each other’s weddings. I’m so grateful for my best friend, and I hope that she always knows it! I love you Chelsey!


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