What a Week!

Good gracious, I am exhausted.

I apologize for taking so long to write a new post. I can offer no true explanations beyond being simply too busy and tired to think straight.

I have been working nonstop, pet-sitting, taking care of some projects (to be shared at a later date), exercising, cleaning, and sleeping. Oh yes, and reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series. (Can I just say that I do understand the hype, but SHEESH. I can barely read five or six pages without my face flushing 6,129 shades of red.)

In any event, I thought I’d share about this past weekend. I was going about my normal business for a Saturday- drinking entirely too much caffeine and working myself up into a frenzied cleaning spree. David’s mother sent me a text and invited me to go and see Snow White and the Huntsman with her, my father-in-law, and my sister-in-law, Maddie.

I don’t believe I have ever shared with you about Maddie, so I’ll take a moment to do so here.



From the very beginning, my goal with David’s family was to treat them as my own family and not “the in-laws.” My own family lives rather far away (more details on that at another time), and so I really wanted to establish tight bonds with David’s family and make a place for myself there. To this end, I frequently spend time with various people in David’s family without David being there, so that I’ll never feel like I need to have my husband there as a security blanket.

Maddie and I bonded right from the start. She’s a cosmetologist, and extraordinarily talented. We have spent many hours experimenting with hair, makeup, nail polish, and the like. She and I share a love for cheesy television, scary movies, and thrift stores. We make big plans and rarely follow through (example: 6 p.m.- “We’re going to watch scary movies all night!” 10 p.m.- “Just kidding, let’s go to bed.”), and I think we probably share far too many inside jokes on Facebook. She is genuinely one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out. I love Maddie dearly, and I wouldn’t have our relationship any other way.

I have strayed far from my topic, so let me get back to the point here. I eagerly accepted the invitation to the movies, and I think it’s probably safe to say that I was the only one who out-and-out loved the movie.

I don’t consider myself to be some kind of movie critic, so I’ll spare you any attempt at intellectual commentary. I was pleasantly surprised by Kristen Stewart’s performance, and Charlize Theron is simply stunning. I loved the fleshing out of Snow White’s character (aside from a clunky speech delivered near the end), and I unexpectedly shed a few tears.

It was a great bonding experience with my husband’s family, though I wish David had been able to join us (he had to work and was unable to attend).

This week has not been difficult, but I am very tired. Tomorrow’s Friday, and I can’t wait!

Until then,


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