Funky Friday

Do you ever just have one of those days where you want everyone to just be quiet?

That was me today. I’m not in a bad mood, and I didn’t have a bad day. But I felt like everyone was just talking entirely too loudly, and every time one of my kids screeched my name from halfway across the playground, I cringed. Again, not because I was having a bad day or they were getting on my nerves, but because they were just at eardrum-piercing levels of noisy.

And perhaps I’m going to show my age now, but really, people who drive with all their car windows down blasting profanity-ridden music need to be pinched. Hard. Not big ol’ pinches that barely even sting, but little tiny baby pinches over-and-over-and-over-again. It’s unattractive, immature, and annoying. If you’re going to fill your ears with profanities, at least have the respect to roll your windows up when you drive through a neighborhood. My kids may not understand the words, but they just might (actually, probably will) repeat them!

Anyway. I drove the entire way home in total silence, just because I was overjoyed at the peace it brought me to slip into my blissfully silent car.

The weekend is here, and it is going be stuffed full of activities. Tomorrow I am going to a seminar for work- we are required to attend a certain amount of childcare instruction classes to maintain our license. I’m actually looking forward to it, despite the fact that we are leaving here to drive to the seminar at the disgusting hour of 6 a.m. I think it will be interesting. Then Sunday morning I will be working (I took a side job working in a local church nursery on Sunday mornings), and Sunday afternoon I’m hanging with Maddie to do a little shopping.


I hope everyone has a glorious weekend! I will not be making a to-do list for myself this time, because let’s face it- with all the things I’ve got going on this weekend, there is absolutely no way I’ll get any of it!

Up next, I’d like to share about my book collection and what I’m currently reading. Excited?

You should be.




Any thoughts?

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