As we’ve discussed before, I love to read.

I started reading at age 3. My dad remembers reading me a story at this age. When I began reading it aloud, he flipped ahead a few pages, thinking I just had the book memorized. I actually had learned how to read, and I have never stopped loving books.

I personally think that I have a pretty eclectic selection of books, and I have never been able to pin down an exact genre or author that I love more than the others. Here’s a quick look at what I have been reading lately.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, by E L James.

I usually don’t jump onto bandwagons, especially with books. I decided to give these a try when they were given to me by one of our neighbors. I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading them, but I have been thoroughly embarrassed the entire time. I personally would like to see far less….details…. and more of the excitement of the twists and turns the second and third books take. But overall, a pleasant reading experience.

2. The Vampire Diaries, by L J Smith.

I was too young for these books when the original four came out back in 1991. After I fell deeply in love with the TV show, I decided to order the books through Paperback Swap and see how the two compare. I was shocked by exactly how different the two were. After reading further into the series, I have really enjoyed the differences. It’s almost like getting to enjoy two totally different stories, which I love.

3. Mary Anne and the Memory Garden, by Ann M. Martin.

I love, love, love The Baby-Sitters Club, okay? Sue me. I have loved the books since the first grade, and now I am ordering all the books I don’t already own through Paperback Swap and reading some that I never read as a child, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. This book was about a friend of Mary Anne’s who died suddenly, and Mary Anne’s inability to deal with her grief. I lost a friend two weeks after our high school graduation in a very similar way, and I was surprised by how much the story actually touched my heart.

4. The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins.

I actually read these books several months ago, right after seeing the movie for the first time. I really enjoyed the books, and have loved discussing them with Chelsey and several other friends who have read them. The style is much different than what I normally read, but I still love them.

5. Hiss and Tell, by Pam Johnson-Bennett.

I love cats. I especially love my cats, and I have purchased three of Johnson-Bennett’s books in an ability to understand my own cat more. This is my latest purchase, and I really enjoyed it. It is less of a how-to manual and more of a collection of funny and heart-warming stories from the author’s years as a cat behaviorist (yes, that does basically mean cat shrink). I laughed over many of the stories, and spent twenty minutes blubbering into Oliver’s fur after I finished one of them. It was a great read, and I was very happy with the purchase.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into my library! Up next, another teapot post! Stay tuned!



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