How do you guys like the new layout?

I spent the better part of this morning tweaking at and fussing over the layout, so I’m hoping the results are pleasing! I certainly think this is a much more attractive look. (Yes, I realize I swapped out a yellow background for a… yellow background. But if you take a gander at both my Pinterest page and my Twitter page, the biographies will tell you that yellow is my favorite color. I just can’t resist it.)

In any event, I’m happy with the changes, and I really hope that you will be, too! I’ve been working on hammering out a new schedule for my posts. I hope that the schedule will help me to look at this blog with more focus and energy, and less all-over-the-place blabbing (although there will still be some of that- my apologies in advance).

So here we have our new schedule!

Marriage Monday- I will be sharing my experiences as a wife as David and I begin building our life together.

Teapot Tuesday/Teacher Tuesday- I will share about a different teapot from my collection every Tuesday, or if the mood or circumstance strike me, I will talk about my experiences in the glorious world of childcare.

Wish List Wednesday/Wacky Wednesday- Self explanatory! If it isn’t a wish list, I’ll blab about whatever’s going on here at the moment.

Ten Thoughts Thursday- Also self explanatory!

Funky Friday- Fridays will be a hodge-podge of things. I will probably continue with to-do lists when that feels needed, but on other days I plan to tell you about the books I’m reading and movies I’m watching, and my opinions on them.

Weekend Adventures- Yes, I realize that one wasn’t alliterative. My weekends are usually all over the place- some crafting here, family functions there, and a lot of adventures in the kitchen. I plan to tell you about any and all adventures I get into on the weekends!

I am so excited about the future of this blog! Stay tuned!


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