Weekend of Fun!

This has been an absolutely wonderful weekend.

Friday night, Maddie and I gave Miss Jeri and Mr. Tom, my in-laws, a 25th Anniversary surprise party. My in-laws are wonderful, loving, generous people, but they never seem to get a chance to be in the spotlight. Maddie and I decided to honor them in a big way. We started our plans off with a simple dinner out, and we got swept up in the planning, as Maddie and I tend to do, and we ended up giving a party for at least 30 people at Maddie and her husband Cole’s house!

Somehow, we managed to keep it a secret. My in-laws came over for a movie night for the six of us- meaning them, Maddie and Cole, and David and me. When they walked in the door, they were stunned to see everyone! Some of the guests were family members I had never even met before, so I was extremely excited to get to know more of my new family.


We had a pretty impressive menu, if I can just toot our own horn a little bit. We had Rotel Dip, Pizza Roll Ups, a cheese platter, Strawberry Fudge, Firecrackers, and of course the beautiful cake you see above, among several other things. For decorations, we went for simple. Pictures played a huge part- we wanted to have several pictures of the couple, and when we went to various family members and our own collections to gather some, we decided to not only display pictures of the couple, but the family as a whole. There are pictures of David and Maddie as babies and children, pictures of different family members at the wedding, as well as photos from Maddie’s wedding and my own. We didn’t want to frame every last one, so we opted for a Pinterest-inspired idea of stringing up a few lines around the food and clothes-pinning pictures to the lines. We mixed them all up and put them up out of order, so people were able to wander around and enjoy all the memories the pictures stirred!

The party was a huge success, and my in-laws were SO happy and thankful. I am still a little in disbelief that Maddie and I were able to pull off the surprise!

Saturday was glorious. It has been a long, tiring week, and I was ready to relax. I got up early and lounged around watching Dawson’s Creek for awhile, then I decided to clean. I threw out a bunch of half-empty boxes from our junk closet, as well as cleaning out the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. I washed dishes, scrubbed the baseboards, and so forth.

Since it is going to be so disgustingly hot for the next week at least, I decided to move all my plants inside for the next few days, if not longer. I’ll still take them out to the porch at night to get some air, but I really don’t want to leave them outside to dry out!

This week I will be working a little bit more than normal, so I am going to close here and enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!



Any thoughts?

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