Wild, Wild Wednesday

I’m pretty sure I don’t even have the energy to think up items for a Wish List Wednesday post!! (Although, if I did make a list, I know #1 would be a full body massage STAT.)

My school’s director is out of town this week, so my hours have been shifted around a little. This week, I am going in every day at 6:30. That’s AM, you guys. As in, the time that my alarm is usually set for during the week is the time that I’m strolling my happy lil’ tail into work all week long. That, combined with the two side jobs I have and the pet-sitting gig I’ve got going, makes for one busy, busy week and one sleepy little Abby. It’s 7:55 right now, and I plan to fall face-first into my pillow within the next ten minutes. It’s still daylight outside, and I couldn’t care less.

Anyway, the thing that is on my mind today is my plants. I have a pothos (also known as Devil’s Ivy) hanging plant, a hanging fern, and a diffenbachia.

First of all, let me address the issue of my love for plants that are toxic to cats. Yes, I do definitely know that all three of my little plant children are toxic to the kitties. That is why the pothos and fern hang far away from my little fur children, and when I move them inside they still are far, far away from reach. My diffenbachia sits in the kitchen windowsill, and the kitchen is the one place my cats are trained to never, ever explore.

Onward. The temperatures in Corinth this week are scorching. My plants are all listed as being hardy into the 80-degree range, and so I have moved them inside for the time being, as our temperatures will be over 100 this weekend. When they stay inside all day, I get concerned about their lack of fresh air, so I move all three of them outside for a few hours in the evening at least four days a week, but by the time I go to sleep they are all back in their indoor spots.

My question is, am I being an overprotective plant mother? I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive before, so the fact that I have three that are actually thriving thrills me. I talk to them every day, I show people pictures of them, and I work them into conversation at least once a day. Am I loving too much?


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