Friendship Friday

Since my friends have been on my mind recently, today I’d like to dedicate a post to friend I haven’t told you about before. Her name is Brittany.


Brittany and I had an interesting beginning to our friendship. To put it bluntly, we hated each other. We first met in 2004, when she moved from Georgia to Tuscaloosa, and became the newest member of the eleventh grade at our high school. I don’t really know why I hated her. I don’t even really remember much about her at all, except that we sat at the same lunch table and every time I heard Brittany talking, I would glare at her out of the corner of my eye before turning away.

As you can imagine, I was a delightfully charming and lovable girl at age 17.

Moving on. For some reason, Brittany and I were both chosen to attend a leadership conference for high school juniors at the University of Alabama. I attended it because I was still undecided on a college at the time, and Brittany and I discovered that we didn’t know anyone besides each other. We decided to be each other’s security blankets, and a tentative friendship flame was born.

If you look very closely at the photo of our senior class on graduation night, Brittany and I are sitting with our arms linked, serving as each other’s security blanket one final time.

Though I went away to college, Brittany and I maintained our friendship. We have a lot of ridiculous memories together, and she has been with me through some of my worst moments. We’ve taken trips, had countless sleepovers, and eaten more Ramen noodles and pineapple/pepperoni pizza than I can even tell you.

This summer marks the five-year anniversary from when Brittany and I first called ourselves best friends. We may not see each other very often anymore, but she will always be special to me, and I will never think of her as anything other than one of my absolute closest friends.



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