Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. I have been under the impression for awhile now that tubey popsicles are my favorite, but that is incorrect. My true love is for the big kind with two sticks that you can break in half. Usually, when I break them in half a huge chunk falls to the floor. Even so, they are my favorite.

2. Though I love my husband more than life, it would please me beyond words if he would just put his socks IN. THE. HAMPER.

3. I love my job, but I really need this week to be over. I don’t know if it’s my exhaustion, my kids’ endless wild energy, or both, but I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

4. I don’t really like to express my political views in social media, such as this blog, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, but I think that some supporters of either side should do more research before spouting opinions all over the Internet. I’ve seen so much ignorance posted in support of both candidates that it is frankly embarrassing.

5. I gave Oliver flea medication yesterday, and I’m pretty sure he will not be speaking to me for days. I have to stay very current with his flea treatments, as he is severely allergic to fleas and will claw his fur out if even one bites him. You would think he would be used to the treatments by now, but sadly, he still hides from me for days afterward.

6. I think that too many abbreviations are becoming acceptable in text/facebook language. “LOL” “BRB” “TTYL” “ILY” “TY” are all abbreviations I see frequently, and since they’ve been around since I was about 11, they don’t bug me so much. However, “SMH” “KML” “FML” “IKR” and so on…. it’s just gotta stop, you guys.

7. I really, really miss having all my friends around me. I have never been a “life of the party” type girl. I didn’t go to the bars or a lot of parties in college, and even if I did make an appearance at such functions, I spent most of the evening holed up in a corner with two or three other people. I have never minded spending a lot of time alone, but sometimes I do really miss having most of my closest friends within ten minutes of me at all times. I don’t miss college, and I don’t especially miss Columbus, but I do miss my friends.

8. It’s 8:13 and my eyes keep sliding shut while I try to write this. It is definitely time for bed.

9. My cough has finally, finally gone away for the most part, and I am so happy. I was beginning to think I had chronic bronchitis.

10. I made pesto sauce for the first time last night and it was so delicious. I don’t remember if I had ever eaten it before, but it will definitely become a regular appearance on Italian night in this household.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Here’s hoping that tomorrow goes by quickly and smoothly!


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3 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Thursday

  1. Abby, I just discovered your blog last night. As I read through several entries, I pictured in my mind the little girl you were when we first met and I recalled how even at such a young age you had a way with words. You have always wanted to be a writer ever since I have known you. Keep it up.


    • That comment just made my day! The more I grow up, the more I realize that words really are my passion. I’m working on a novel, and I’d love to send you a copy of the piece I wrote about Mom! =) I hope you enjoy the blog.

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