Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. I am on my lunch break, and I think that I am melting. It is so, so hot today. My face feel sticky and I just want to take a freezing cold shower SO BADLY. Mississippi, you are killing me. 

2. I think my plants are dying. I am very upset about this. 

3. We went to see The Amazing Spider Man yesterday, and I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY loved it. It was perfect, and dumb old Mary Jane was nowhere to be found. I much prefer Gwen Stacy, and I am pretty excited to see where they go from here. 

4. Work today has actually been perfect. I have not had even one discipline problem today, and that makes me really happy. I hate having time outs and such for my kids.  

5. I bought the cat new fancy dishes and I am tossing their old plastic food dishes. Oliver’s chin is getting so irritated, and I’m almost positive that it’s a result of the food dishes. So hopefully this will help!! 

6. I have got to, got to, GOT TO write a to do list for myself this Friday. I have a lot that needs to get done! 

7. I have a new grey shirt on and it is making me so happy. I love new clothes. I just wish I had the time and energy to do more shopping. Not to mention money. 

8. I sometimes forget how much I love certain foods, and then I eat said foods, and it’s like God has rained down a special gift just for me. That happened today. And the special, wonderful, heaven-sent food just for Abby was green beans. MMMMM. 

9. I’d give anything for an orange slush from Sonic right now.

10. I started a new journal in addition to this blog, and even though that seems redundant, I am actually enjoying it. I have kept diaries off and on since I was about eight years old, and I love being able to read back and see how my life- not to mention my handwriting- changes over the years. 


That’s all for today! Tomorrow’s Friday! 


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