Funky Friday- To Do List

I’m so happy it’s the weekend!

The kids were great again today- I had one time-out all day long, and considering that I was back up to my normal number of kids (I usually have about 11 a day during the summer), that’s a big deal. I’m getting extremely excited about school starting back- I have started working on lesson plans and projects for my kids to complete in the first week or two of school, and it’s getting me SO hyped up for the new school year! I feel like last year I did a good job with my kids, but I’m ready to do way more next year with all the things I’ve learned. I can’t wait!

We got some more rain in the afternoon, which makes me so happy. My plants are looking a little better, so maybe they’re not dying. I hope not. I plan to fuss over them a good bit this weekend!

Anyway, let’s move forward. On to my to do list for the weekend!

1. Laundry. I have a basket full and two garbage bags besides that. This is getting ridiculous.

2. Post a recipe/review of the laundry detergent I made. I said I’d do this days ago, but shamefully, I still have not done laundry since I said that I would write the review. Oops.

3. Post the rest of my books on Paper Back Swap. I went through my books and set aside about fifteen more that I’m going to post for swapping, but I haven’t gotten around to posting them up yet. Yikes!

4. Write out our new and improved monthly budget.

5. Print out pictures. I really want to change out the pictures in our frames, but I don’t really want to use old pictures. I haven’t printed out pictures since December, so I’ll have a lot to choose from.

6. Sweep, Swiffer, and mop the entire apartment! I have a new recipe for cleaning hardwood floors that I can’t wait to try!

7. Replace the kitties’ food bowls with the new dishes I bought.

8. Update my new planner with birthdays/anniversaries I need to remember.

9. Windex all mirrors and the door to the sun porch.

10. Take a nap. Just because.

And that’s it! Pretty easy goals, really. I just need to get it all done! I’m baby sitting tomorrow for one of my favorite kids in the world, so I’m pretty excited for the weekend. And I’m off Monday! Woohoo!!!!

Have a great weekend, guys! Hopefully I’ll be popping back in tomorrow with my laundry detergent/review!


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