Busy Bee

Last week was a total blur.

I was pet-sitting, baby-sitting, house-cleaning, preschool-teaching, and I just don’t even remember last week at all.

Anyway, this weekend has flown by, too! David has been off, and I have to say it was a little weird having him around the whole time when I am used to being alone! I have enjoyed it, though.

I have spent this day going through my Pinterest board for School and scribbling down all kinds of ideas for the fall. I am more than ready for school to start back! I got a peek at my roster for the school year, and I am so excited about these kids. I’m definitely going to miss the ones who are leaving me, but I am looking forward to the next group so much. I have all kinds of ideas to spice up my curriculum, to decorate my room, and to just generally make the absolute most of the experience I’ve gained and lessons I’ve learned over the last year.

I really don’t have much else to say right now, as I’ve got dishes soaking in the sink and I need to hurry up and get them done before I end up having to put them off until tomorrow! I apologize for my absence over the last week, but I hope you’ll keep checking in with me this week, as I fully intend to hop right back in the saddle tomorrow! Have a great evening, guys!


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