What Marriage Is to Us

1. Best buds, first and foremost.

2. Abby likes smell-goods, David likes cold drinks. Abby remembers to put David’s drinks in the refrigerator when she gets back from the grocery store, David supports the fact that Abby buys at least one candle or air freshening product every week.

3. Abby takes the laundry to the washing machine and transfers it to the dryer, David brings the clothes upstairs from the dryer.

4. It’s okay to sit in silence sometimes. It doesn’t mean you’re mad at each other, it means you’re comfortable enough to not fill up every second with babbling just to avoid the silence.

5. Best buds always. (That one is important enough to me to say twice.)

Sorry this is a short post, but quite honestly it is 7:01 and still daylight outside but I want to be in my bed. Good NIGHT!



Any thoughts?

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