Diary of A Paper Girl

All right, guys. I have finally, finally caught up on every last bit of my rest, and gotten through the last full week of summer campers at work. So I can finally catch up on all of my old news.

So let’s start here. The week before last, my co-worker and good friend, Donna, went on vacation with her family. Several days before they left, we found that her husband was able to find a sub for his paper route, and might not be able to go on the trip. I volunteered to do the job for two reasons- one, a little extra money is always nice, and also, I just hated the idea of the family being separated on their one yearly vacation! So I eagerly signed myself up for the task.

Boy, howdy, I did NOT realize how hard these poor people work! Getting up in the middle of the night (or when some people are just making it to bed) and roaming the streets chucking papers left and right faster than you can blink is a lot harder than it sounds! Beyond the issue of having to be up when the rest of the world is sleeping, there is also the issue of time. There is a deadline on when to get the papers out every day, and when you’ve got 300 papers to deliver, that deadline creeps up on you FAST. Beyond THAT, it’s not as easy as hanging your arm out the window and throwing papers into the yard. Some people want their paper thrown into the yard, and some want them thrown onto the steps. Some want their paper directly on the front steps, and curses be upon you if the paper doesn’t land just so. I never knew that people could be so particular about something as simple as a newspaper!

I was very interested in writing a post about this week for my blog. However, between throwing papers, working at the daycare, and pet sitting for some friends who were out of town, I had a VERY busy week and fell into bed by 8:00 every night! I ended up making a series of notes every day whenever something happened on the route, and took plenty of pictures to document the experience! From here, I will post the pictures from each day along with my notes! Enjoy a peek into the diary of a paper girl!

Day One

My stash. There are actually far more bagged papers in the floorboard than you might think!

My best friend. This thing told me exactly where to go, what I would see, and where to put the papers.

Savior. Note the ink stains on my thumb.

Part of the scenic route at the end of the route. They don’t wave back, no matter how enthusiastically you wave.

Day Two

Don’t. Wanna. Be. Awake.

Don’t even give me those sideways glances. I realize what a poor choice this was.

4:42 A.M. OMG Backstreet Boys is on the radio! I love this route!

5:30 A.M. Holy crap! My tape player just messed up, but I made it work again.

I loved seeing the sunrise every day.

Day Three

The clerks at the gas station beside my apartments got to know me pretty well.

3:58 A.M. “We Belong” came on the radio! Everybody needs me to turn this at full blast and roll my windows down.

4:52 A.M. I drank my Rock Star and got caught dancing like a maniac in front of an early morning jogger.

5:05 A.M. What is up with all the crappy music on the radio today?

Look closely for the ink smudges on my nose and mouth.





This was on the side of the road by my last stop.

Day Four

By far one of the worst choices I have ever, ever made.

1:37 A.M. I get here at the actual time the papers are normally dropped off and they haven’t even shown up yet. Of course.

3:42 A.M. The Top 40 is on the radio tonight, but the #1 song is “Hold on to the Night” by Richard Marx. What the hell year is this?!

4:30 A.M. I take a curve too fast and feel the first signs of too much caffeine. I think I may vomit.

5:02 A.M. Officially don’t care about anything except finishing and going home. No more pictures today!

5:56 A.M. In the front door and in bed.

I actually had two more days after this, but I was so worn down by then that I never even remembered to bring my camera. By this point, I was lucky if I managed to stay awake long enough at night to finish my dinner! I finished out the route, and I made a promise to myself to stay off caffeine the last two days. Surprisingly, I was the most alert then! I’m not sure how that works, but I’m glad I was able to go without caffeine. I’ve never felt that sick before!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into what’s been going on with me lately. I would definitely do the paper route over again, but I would definitely need to catch up on my rest BEFORE it starts!

Up next, we are finally going to get back on track! Sorry for my absence lately, but there is a lot of good stuff coming!


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