Laundry Detergent Review

Just to be honest, laundry detergent is a giant pain in my household. We do not have washer/dryer hookups in our house, and so our options for laundry are the following-

1. Haul a load of laundry to the washer/dryer in the basement of our building and battle all our building-mates for a spot in line.

2. Haul laundry to either my in-laws’ or Maddie’s house and do laundry there. Both live around ten minutes away.

3. Haul all my laundry (which usually ends up being 3-4 garbage bags) to the laundromat a few blocks away.

I don’t necessarily mind doing any of these things, but as you can see, laundry is not as simple as walking from one end of my house to the other and throwing some clothes in the machine. It can be expensive, and extremely time consuming.

Anyway, I thought about the amount of money I spend doing laundry every week, and I got very frustrated with the amount I pay for laundry detergent. It’s just a little ridiculous. Not to mention, I find the packaging to be quite wasteful.

After doing some research online, I found the following recipe-

I thought that this very basic recipe would be a good start in my domestic adventure.

The process of making the detergent was extremely easy. The one thing that really exasperated me, though, was grating the soap.

Yes, I did end up using Ivory Soap rather than the soap listed. I couldn’t find it anywhere, and I’m also extremely fond of Ivory.

This is after grating for fifteen minutes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

It looks like cheese!

Anyway. My good friend Sarah brought something to my attention, for next time- Ivory soap can be microwaved so that it expands and crumbles easily. Hopefully this will help the process go faster, because I was EXTREMELY unhappy about the grating process.

Onward. The recipe was very easy to follow, and I recommend it to anyone who is just starting out with this homemade detergent business. However, I will say that the laundry is EXTREMELY thick after it has had time to settle. I diluted mine down, and was extremely happy with the results.

On a sad note, I forgot my detergent in the basement after doing a load of laundry. When I returned for it a few hours later, it had been stolen. Yes, stolen.

Devastated, and lacking time to make more, I bought a very small bottle of detergent to see me through until I am able to make my own again. When I do, I plan to tweak the recipe a little.

Overall, I would highly recommend that everyone try this! It’s extremely easy and quite cost effective. However, guard your stash carefully!

See you guys next time!



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