Movie Monday

I’m taking a break from Marriage Monday today to talk to you guys about one of my favorite things. MOVIES.

I mean, I’m pretty sure movies are one of everybody’s favorite things. But still. They make me super happy. And today I’d like to dedicate a post to some of my absolute FAVORITE movies of all time- The Brat Pack movies.


You guys, I love these movies so much. My fondest memories of my childhood are of piling up with blankets and pillows in the basement with my brother and mom and watching Brat Pack movies. I knew The Breakfast Club line for line. When I was younger, St. Elmo’s Fire was my least favorite. I never understood why these post-college young adults whined so much. They were grown ups! How could they not have life figured out yet?

Now that I am out of college and roughly their age, I understand the movie so much better. Now, it’s actually my all-time favorite movie.

I think everyone can identify with a character or two from these movies (and of course, those pictured above are not all- these are just some of the more popular ones). That’s why they remain popular, 20+ years later.

Do you have a favorite Brat Pack movie? What is it?

Til next time,


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