Ten Thoughts Thursday

We’re back to our old stream-of-consciousness post today! Let’s see what we’ve got here-

1. I can’t wait to post tomorrow about my newly decorated classroom. I can’t post about it tonight because it isn’t finished yet, but it is so, so wonderful.

2. I came home to Oliver hanging half-in half-out of the tub I keep their food in, his little feeties barely brushing the floor, chomping cat food. A) How did he get the lid off and B) Guess it’s time to fill their bowls up.

3. I really don’t like taking out the trash.

4. Why does anybody think that posting pictures of yourself at the bar every other night is the best way to prove to the Facebook world how sophisticated you are? Gross.

5. Orange slices are the absolute best candy in the world. Geriatric candy or not, I love them.

6. Laundry is the other thing I don’t like.

7. I would really like for it to be December, so I could have my Christmas tree out and my Snuggie, and drink hot cider and watch a movie.

8. I take four seconds to get ready, and David is rushing me off the laptop because he just up and decided he was ready to go. He doesn’t even know where his keys are yet.
9. Haha husband, I am continuing to type just to spite you.
10. Okay I guess it’s time to sign off. He’s pacing and jingling the keys.

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