School is a HOOT!

My only regret with this post is that I did not think to take pictures of it before the transformation.

I had my mind made up that I wanted everything to match this year. Last year, I was so nervous to change much around that I didn’t alter much, and what I did add made my room basically a hodge-podge of different themes. It was still cute, but not as cute as it could have been.

Anyway, my boss and I went to a teacher supply store and wandered around looking for things for the new year. I finally discovered a roll of owl-printed border, and there we found my theme. I think I mentioned it before, but I have never been into the owl trend. I thought they were cute, but I’ve never been insane for owls. However, I couldn’t deny how cute they were in school-decor form. We found a classroom-helper chart, nametags, and a Welcome sign all in my new theme.

I decided to punch things up a little bit by recovering my bulletin boards. They had both been covered with the same white paper for longer than I have even been there, and were totally ripped and full of thumb tack holes. I found some solid color wrapping paper at Dollar General for $1 each, and grabbed several rolls in different colors. Those served as my new background. I also found crepe paper 2/$1 at Fred’s, and grabbed two rolls of it to make a scrunchy border. (If you have never made one, they are beyond easy and look adorable!) As my finishing touch, I made three tissue-paper pom balls to hang over my desk. I am SO proud!!

This is the bulletin board over my desk. I LOVE this yellow background.

LOVE these chubby little owl nametags!

My welcome sign. I made sure to put it at my kids’ eye level!

My corner. Upon further inspection, I believe my poms could use a little more fluffing. Sounds like a Monday project to me!

My calendar, my pride and joy.

Close up of the scrunchy border over their coat hooks.

I am so proud of this room! I love having a cute, colorful room where the kids are excited to come play and learn with me!



One thought on “School is a HOOT!

  1. I love your owls!! If I were one of your students I’d be so happy to see my name on there little round bellies!! That was one of my favorite things when I was little. I couldn’t wait to see new class room!

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