Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. I have been so busy this week! David and I have been visiting with his family every evening this week except for last night, and last night we ate dinner and went to bed extremely early. I’m ready for the weekend to get here so that I can chill a little.

2. My crock pot was my best friend last weekend. Be on the lookout for some recipe posts soon! =)

3. My life is beautiful. I am so happy right now. David and I are on the same page about everything, and I love it.

4. We have four- FOUR- plants now. David and I felt sorry for a little cactus at Wal-Mart and  brought him home. Meanwhile, I’m trying- and mostly failing- to keep our fern happy. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I just can’t get my fern to perk up.

5. I found Cherry Vanilla Pepsi at the gas station today, and I did a little dance of delight. I haven’t seen it in a store since 2010. Favorite drink EVER.

6. I moved our rocker out to the porch, and it was probably the best decision I have made in months. I love to sit on the porch, but I don’t like sitting at our bar-height table to read. Now I can take my coffee and toast out on the porch on Saturday mornings and lounge around in the rocker.

7. I am really happy with the kids I have in my class right now. They aren’t always angels, but they are so inquisitive and charming. We’re going to have a fantastic year.

8. I miss my Columbus friends this week. I’m feeling a little bit lonely today.

9. I probably need to make more Corinth friends, but I don’t really encounter a lot of people that are in my age/peer group, and whenever I do I really don’t know how to approach the situation.

10. How is it 6:58 and I already want to go to sleep?



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2 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Thursday

  1. You might try a little Epsom salt on your ferns. I put a tablespoon in each of mine then watered them down good earlier in the summer. They have turned out to be the prettiest ones I’ve ever had.

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