Wish List Wednesday: Fall

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me- Fall, or Autumn, is the most wonderful time of the year.

My birthday is three days before Halloween, and I have always felt like the entire fall season, October especially, was  my special month. I love crisp, crunchy leaves beneath my feet, red and yellow leaves on the trees, pumpkins on the porch, and long sleeved shirts. I love scary movies, maple sugar and pumpkin scented candles, and candy corn EVERYTHING.

The weather here has been significantly cooler and breezier over the last week, and all I can talk about to anyone is decorating my house for the fall. Just ask David, Maddie, and Chelsey. In fact, last weekend Maddie and I decided to get into the spirit early and went shopping for a few fall items to put around the house. I can’t WAIT to add more!

Here are some items on my wish list for the next few months!


1. Spider Pillow, Kirkland’s: $12.99


2. Haunted House Hurricane, Kirkland’s: $12.99


3. Welcome Harvest Wreath, Kirkland’s: $29.99


4. Creamy Pumpkin Hand Soap, Bath and Body Works: $5.50

5. Autumn Subway Art Board, Etsy: $15.00


Any other autumn/Halloween lovers out there? What are your favorite things about the fall?



6 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday: Fall

    • I’m obsessed with the candle holder. I found it this past weekend but didn’t buy it. I predict I’ll be purchasing it before Halloween rolls around!

  1. I have a special place for autumn as well. I never could determine if it were the time of year that made it so special or that my birthday and halloween were so close. I also had Zachary in October so the fall holds so many nastalgic memories for me. Makes me feel excited and warm inside! You could craft a few of the items on your wish list your self. That’d be a fun project!

    • Autumn reminds of of the beginning of school, pledging my social club, and of course my birthday and Halloween! I’m so glad other people understand my fascination. =) I actually plan on trying to make a pillow like the one I posted!

  2. Football will receive its own post in due time, my pet.
    And yeah…. I’m going to be getting that hurricane very soon. I’ve drooled over it too many times to deny myself.

Any thoughts?

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