Show Us Your Life: Front Porches

I remember seeing this idea on my friend Allison‘s blog a long time ago, but back then I wasn’t really into blogging, so I never did it. Anyway, I don’t actually have a front porch, so I’m cheating just a little bit. Do you forgive me? 😉

We actually have a sun porch off the living room of our apartment. It’s screened-in, and it’s the main reason I was drawn to this building. David, the kitties, and our plant children are all very happy that we chose it! (And that we have a porch that faces the street instead of the parking lot!)

This bar-height table (and chairs) are probably David’s favorite thing.

I usually leave that window open on the weekends so that the cats can go back and forth as they please. They love the porch as much as I do!

The neighbor’s sun porch is close enough that I can spy on their cutie pie kitties.

Our diffenbachia. It’s a little scraggly, but considering it was almost dead and I nursed it back, I’m okay with how it looks.

Our pothos, or Devil’s Ivy. My very first plant child. Isn’t it beautiful?

Alice and her rocker. I just moved this out to the porch to free up some space in the apartment, but it was actually pretty brilliant to add more seating outside, since we spend so much time there.

Oliver. This sweet boy would live solely on the porch if I would move his food and litter box out there.

It’s really nice to sit out there in the colder weather to see the holiday decorations go up, and to even see the Christmas parade go by! I can’t wait for fall and winter to get here! Head over to Kelly’s Korner Blog to see some other front porches!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Show Us Your Life: Front Porches

  1. I love your sunporch! I wish I could sit there with you, RIGHT NOW, listening to Layla on repeat, doing jello shots, and talking about how much we love each other. Ah, one sweet day…

    • That would be so dreamy. It’d be even dreamier if you and T would just give up these silly dreams of moving far away and move into the apartment next door to mine so we could just wave to each other as we sit on our porches.

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