Ten Thoughts Thursday: Let’s Talk About Me

In the spirit of keeping things interesting, I’m going to use today’s Ten Thoughts post to tell you a little about myself. You all know that I’m married, I live in Mississippi, I teach school, love teapots, and impulsively buy plants.  But what else can I tell you? Let’s find out!

1. I have been writing fiction off and on since elementary school. I have a box under my bed with half-written manuscripts, Index cards scribbled over with ideas, etc. When I was little, I thought of myself as Jo March from Little Women, and frequently walked around my backyard wearing a white straw hat with flowers on the brim, reading my writing out loud and talking to myself. I thought that people would see me and think I was so artsy and creative, but now I realize that probably that’s why nobody in my neighborhood played with me.

2. I am absolutely terrible at math. I mean, if you have EVER thought you were bad at math, you can just rest easy because you probably look like a mathematical scholar next to me. That being said, however, I have a knack for numbers. I can memorize phone numbers, dates, addresses, account numbers, and so forth without more than a few seconds of focusing on it.

3. I very rarely worry about anything. I have never found a good reason for worrying. First and most importantly, I believe that worrying is telling God you don’t trust Him to take care of you. Second, I think that worrying is a giant waste of time. I mean, sure, things upset me and stress me out, but the time spend fretting over a situation is time that can be spent finding a solution. And this may sound a little New Age, but I also think the negative energy you send out by worrying has a way of blocking the good things that could be coming to you, including the solution to whatever problem you have at the moment.

4. I really, and I mean really, do not like when people are rude to other people about what they like to eat. You know what I’m talking about? When you sit down to eat with other people and they look at your plate and say, “EWWWWWWW, you like (insert food item)?” I do not know why this bothers me, but it always has. Just because you don’t like carrots or fish or whatever it is doesn’t mean that nobody else is allowed to like it, either. And yes, I feel that this should apply to people with food allergies as well. Yes, you’re allergic to eggs, but other people aren’t, and other people like them. So shut up about it.

5. When I was little, I used to run the shower and put the stopper in the drain, so that the water would fill up to around my ankles. Then I’d kick the water around and walk in circles in the shower singing “Arabian Nights” from Aladdin at the top of my lungs. After I tired of that, I’d take the stopper out and let the water empty out, then actually wash my hair and such.

6. The one make up item I could not live without would be mascara.

7. I do not ever talk about my political leanings. I am a quiet person surrounded by outspoken, opinionated people, and sometimes I get overwhelmed by listening to/reading all of their opinions and thoughts on politics. Whether I agree or disagree, I almost never get into a political discussion with anyone. (That being said, I do my research, and I do intend to vote in the coming election. I fully believe that my vote matters, and I have very strong opinions. I just don’t see the point in arguing with people I love and who love me over them.) 

8. I adore orange-flavored food, candy, and drinks. Orange Starbursts are some of my favorite treats in the entire world, and orange popsicles are even better. However, aside from autumn/Halloween season, orange is my absolute least favorite color.

9. I have a ridiculously over-active imagination, frequent nightmares, and occasional sleep paralysis. Combine these three things and then let me tell you that David used to work night shifts. I didn’t get a lot of rest in those days.

10. I speak for my cats. Each has a different voice, and a different personality. They came into my life with their personalities, and I developed voices for them based on these personalities. But when I speak for them, I also answer them in my own voice. Soooo… I talk to myself all day long, basically.

I hope everybody’s having a great day! It’s almost the weekend!



Any thoughts?

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