Wish List Wednesday: Home Decor

If you could peek inside my head, readers, all you would see is a hodge podge of ideas to decorate my little love nest. David and I have decided we are not ready to be home owners yet. We like the rental life- we have a beautiful apartment in an ideal location, and when something goes wrong in our home, it’s not our problem. We don’t want to be renters forever, but until we’re ready to take the plunge into owning our own home, this apartment is perfect.

But as everyone knows, renting does have its downside. We can’t paint, and we can’t put holes on the walls. (The previous renters left nails when they moved out, so I use those nails to hang things, but I refuse to put any more holes in the wall). So I can’t do any major renovations (and thankfully, I really don’t need to), but I still love to daydream about the possibilities for home decor.

So, for Wish List Wednesday, I’m going to share some household items that make me drool.

1. Koko Slat Frame 18″ x 30″ Songbird Doormat, Bed Bath and Beyond: $24.99

2. Turquoise Pleat Buffet Lamp, Kirkland’s: $39.99

3. Letter V Initial Suncatcher, Etsy: $39.99

4. Alligator Burlap Door Hanger, Etsy: $20

5. Camilla Uplight, Kirkland’s: $59.99

As you can probably tell, I’m very into lamps. And alligators (actually, they’re my favorite animal, but we’ll get into that another time).

What are your dream decor items?

Thank goodness we’re into the last half of the week. I’m looking forward to the weekend!



Any thoughts?

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