Movie Monday: What’s on my TV?

Rather than posting about any particular type of movie, I thought I’d just tell you about the last few movies I’ve watched over the weekend.




Yeah, I guess my taste in movies is kind of all over the place.

1. The Hunger Games. When I was leaving Wal-Mart today, I decided a Red Box rental was appropriate, and I was absolutely ecstatic when I discovered that every last copy of The Hunger Games hadn’t been rented out. I watched the movie before I read the books, but I genuinely enjoyed both the book and its screen adaptation. I plan to watch this more than once before I return it.

2. Sex and the City: The Movie. I was a little young for the show when it was on HBO, but one of my favorite memories of my freshman year of college are of watching this show with my roommate at night before bed. The movie came out and I went to see it with some friends and LOVED it. I watched this movie yesterday while I was cleaning out litter boxes and folding clothes. (My life is pretty glamorous. Try not to be jealous.)

3. Labyrinth. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Again, a favorite memory from college is of my roommate my senior year, who is also my little sister in my social club, and I introducing this movie to our other roommate, who was another one of our Jester sisters. She had never seen it, so I skipped Algebra (as you do) and we watched it on Netflix. Anyway, David Bowie’s stellar dance movies during “Dance, Magic Dance” are one of my favorite parts about the movie.

Also, yesterday Maddie, Miss Jeri and I went to see The Possession. It, of course, is a movie about a young girl who is possessed by a spirit contained within a box she purchases at a yard sale. I mean, kind of predictable, but it was still shot very well and the timing of the scares was pretty perfect. And the actresses playing the girl being possessed and her older sister were adorable and did a great job.

So what’s on your TV these days?

Also, give me some ideas for scary movies to watch this fall. My list is pretty extensive, but I am aiming to spend the entire month of October scaring myself silly, so help me out here. =)




Any thoughts?

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