September Photo a Day: Day Five

Today’s word is “bright.” I have to say, the bright color of this monster wax warmer makes me feel pretty dang happy.



Today’s post is short because I am feeling very sick. The weather changes have been hard on me, and I am stuck with a nasty cough and a pretty vicious headache.

On top of that, a co-worker’s sister-in-law and another young woman were killed in a car wreck today. I didn’t know either girl personally, but I am still very sobered and saddened by this loss. We all know that life is precious, but it is far too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. Tonight I’m going to cut the blogging short and spend time with my beloved husband, thanking God that He has seen fit to bring us together. I am blessed beyond measure.

Love to all my readers. I don’t know some of you personally, but I hope you all know how much I appreciate you.



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