Many Apologies

I have been slacking majorly on the blog. My excuse- first my Internet went out for a few days, then I was seduced by the idea of moving to a new apartment, and let that completely take over my mind for days on end. Fortunately, that has been settled now (and no, we are not moving. It was a temporary infatuation).

So what now? I guess time for a massive Photo a Day catch up!!

Day 11: Hero

This is my mom. I know I’ve written about her before, but I don’t think I’ve ever fully explained. My mother had breast cancer, and died when I was fourteen, nearly 11 years ago. It took me a very, very long time to recover from her passing when I was so young. In a sense I think you never truly heal from something like that, but I finally found my peace.

Day 12: Together


Probably one of my favorite pictures of Maddie and me, taken at the fair that came to town last week. She also is responsible for my new hair color. I have had a lot of drama with my hair over the last 2 years, and it has been a weird reddish-color for awhile now. She finally fixed it and got it looking the way I like it again!

Day 13: Table

This is our coffee table, and it makes me laugh every single time I look at it. It was a hand-me-down from my old roommate and pledge sister, Madelyn. At some point before I moved in with her, this table was painted in the current design you see here. It’s a great table, and so I refuse to part with it, but I have yet to paint it, and I really need to do so. Perhaps that will be something I do sometime in the next few weeks to console myself for skipping out on the dream apartment we almost took. 😉

Day 14: Favorite


This is a sneak peek at my favorite project I have done with my kids so far this year. I will be writing about this on the next Teacher Tuesday post.

Day 15: First Thing You See


Pretty much every day when I wake up, this is exactly the first thing I see. Alice loves to cuddle. and her favorite sleeping spot is my chest. As soon as I get in the bed at night, she joins me. She may start out by my feet or wrapped around my head, but by the time I fall asleep she is almost always perched on my chest, and stays there nearly the whole night.

Day 16: Strange


This project, a flower window box, that I made for the nursery at the church where I work, turned out to look pretty…. strange.

Day 17: In my Fridge

Okay, I cheated. I just can’t take a picture of the inside of my fridge. It is truly awful right now. I hate organizing the inside of it, so things are just piled on top of each other. It’s ridiculous.


Day 18: Price


I got these Band Aids for a very low price at Dollar General, and I use them ALL THE TIME. I need more…

Day 19: Underneath


This is the huge 3-drawer organizer I bought to go underneath my desk. I am not blessed with lot of shelves or storage in my classroom, and I can’t stand for my desk to be piled sky-high with workbooks, Bible verse cards, thumbtacks, etc… So I bought this and it fits neatly underneath my desk and holds all of the above plus some!

Day 20: Man-Made

Sigh…. a picture of the beautiful sink at the dream apartment we almost took.


I really am glad we didn’t take it. But I will miss that sink.





Any thoughts?

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