Ten Thoughts Thursday

1. Best impulse purchase David and I have ever made: Mortal Kombat for our PS3. One of the only video games David and I both play, and we have spent every night since then in a Mortal Kombat death match smack down. (Interesting tid bit- my favorite characters are Kitana, Sindel, and Sektor. David’s are Sub Zero, Noob, and Smoke.)

2. I am fascinated by lightning. I know it’s dangerous, and I’m not a storm chaser or anything like that, but I just really love the way lightning looks in the sky. I also really love St. Elmo’s Fire and spent a lot of time looking it up on You-Tube. (**Note- I’m talking about the phenomenon of St. Elmo’s Fire, not the song or the movie. Although, as you’ll recall, the movie is one of my favorites of all time.)

3. I am irrationally irritated by the phrases “You rock my socks” and “I heart your face.” Stop it.

4. I desperately want to cook something pumpkin-flavored this weekend, but I was so soured by the Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino I got at the gas station a few weeks ago that I am afraid to do it. That cappuccino was one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted.

5. I have had a love affair with Michael Bolton since I was about seven years old. I went to sleep every night listening to “When A Man Loves a Woman” on my Walk Man. I loved him far more than I ever loved any of my other celebrity crushes, including Joe Perry, Zac Hanson and Kevin Richardson. And he’s still one of the two people in the world that I would invite to dinner, if I could choose anybody.

6. The other, in case you are interested to know, is Van Gogh.

7. Most people feel inconspicuous when they wear baseball caps in public. “Oh, no one will notice my dirty hair/no makeup/whatever if I wear this baseball cap.” I feel like everyone, EVERYONE, is staring at me when I go in public wearing a cap. As if they are saying, “Oh, look at that girl in the baseball cap.”

8. I am still sick and it is currently making me absolutely insane. I cannot stand it much longer. WORK, ANTIBIOTICS.

9. Sons of Anarchy is currently in Season 5, and it is ripping my heart out a little more every Tuesday night. I am far too emotionally invested in this show. But it’s my favorite, and always will be.

10. I would, without shame and in fact with great joy, wear footie pajamas.



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