Wish List Wednesday: Birthday Girl

Well, maybe my birthday isn’t until the end of October. So I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. But I can’t help it! As we have previously discussed, October shall forever be known as Abby’s Special Month.

Anyway, all of my Wish-List Wednesdays for the rest of October will be the things I am currently drooling over, and they won’t be grouped by a certain theme or subject or what have you.

Here we go!



1. Hocus Pocus DVD.

Guys, I really love this movie. I have no idea how I don’t already own a copy of it. It’s such a staple of fall that I feel like it isn’t truly Halloween time until I have seen it.


2. Starburst Throw Pillow, Bed Bath and Beyond

My throw pillow obsession is beginning to rival my throw blanket obsession. I should probably devote a post at some point to all the strange things I collect.


3. Harvest Maple Tree, Kirkland’s

I am absolutely infatuated with this tree. I am not kidding. I take special time out of my weekend to gawk over it at the store.


4. Posh of a Button Night Light, Modcloth

Not-so-little known fact about me: I am petrified of the dark. It’s not so much that I really think anything’s there, I just hate that I can’t see what’s there. I really don’t love stumbling around in the dark, and this little cutie would certainly help me out.


5. Meow for Measuring Cups, Modcloth

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. And maybe you’re a little right. Maybe I do obsess over my kitties. But seriously, if you don’t think these measuring cups are cute, then you’re just silly.

There you have it! Happy Wednesday!



4 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday: Birthday Girl

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