It’s Okay.

It’s okay that I would rather sit at home in my jack o’ lantern pajamas and baggy t shirt than go to the fair that I can literally see from my living room windows.

It’s okay that I can fully see myself spending all day tomorrow watching movies on Netflix and possibly baking pumpkin muffins instead of even considering leaving my house.

It’s okay that I am apparently in hermit/hibernation mode.

It’s okay that I have bought three different shades of orange nail polish for the fall even though I can’t stand the color orange any other time of year.

It’s okay that even though Halloween is my favorite holiday, I have cruised the Christmas section at Dollar General more than once.

It’s okay that I have a different can of air freshener and more than one candle in every single room of my apartment.

It’s okay that David and I have played Mortal Kombat every single night this week, and tonight we bought the movie and its sequel from the five dollar bin at Wal Mart, and this is how we’re spending Friday night.




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