Movie Monday: Scary Movies!!

I cannot TELL you how excited I have been for this post ALL. DAY. LONG.

I love scary movies.

love, love, love scary movies. I don’t love many things more than sitting around in my XXL men’s sweatpants and giant t-shirts, snuggling and watching scary movies. (As a matter of fact, my life IS exceedingly glamorous, and I am so glad you noticed!) 

Anyway, let’s do a little talking about some of my favorite scary movies. Let me stop here to say that I am not a movie snob, by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t care if the movie is predictable, has poor music, whatever. If I like it, I like it, and I make no apologies for that.



Rosemary’s Baby. Creepy city. I have the book and its sequel, Son of Rosemary (which really doesn’t seem like a very good follow-up until you get to the absolute very end of the book, and then it all makes sense and is actually brilliant). The screen adaptation is just fantastic. I love it! I have always been fascinated by Mia Farrow. On that note, did you know that she was the voice of the last unicorn in one of my favorite moviesThe Last Unicorn?

Scream. These movies are just so darn addictive. Whether you’re in it for the funny or the jump scenes, you’re going to win either way. I watch them all the time. I personally like the second one the best, and I thought that the latest (last?) installment, Scream 4, was great. Not up to par with the first three, but still a remarkably good follow up for a decade later.

Insidious. I cannot watch this movie by myself. Every time that I try, it scares me so much that I have to cut it off before it’s even halfway over. I remember being so scared in theaters that I literally cried. That is the first and only time that has ever happened to me. One of my favorite things about the movie is that there is absolutely no gore or real violence, and it still manages to be one of the scariest ones I have ever seen.

A Nightmare on Elm Street. I know that the first scary movie I ever saw was The Shining, but this was not far behind. Again, I cannot watch this movie by myself. Even paired with the iffy acting of some of the other characters, Freddy Krueger just gives me the jeebies.


I may have to return to this topic again on next week’s Movie Monday. There are just too many scary movies to leave it at this one!

What’s your favorite scary movie?




3 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Scary Movies!!

  1. Is it weird that I don’t have a favorite scary movie? I love them, but I can’t really say what my favorite is. I know Gremlins scared the absolute shish out of me when I was a kid, and to this day I still will not watch any of the Child’s Play movies. Just thinking about that movie gives me the creeps.

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