Wish List Wednesday: Birthday Girl Part Deux

So my birthday is this coming Sunday, and I am pretty excited. I love birthdays, and although I don’t ever expect gifts from anyone, I love hearing birthday wishes and getting sweet phone calls all day. Anyway, in keeping with this month’s theme, I am giving you another Birthday Wish List today.

1. Teapot Earrings, $8. Etsy

2. Citron the Town Dress, $57.99. Modcloth

3. Petite Alligator Ring, $15. Etsy

4. Pastel Pedals Tights, $27.99. Modcloth

Oh, man. I am salivating over those tights. I actually am drooling over everything I posted tonight. I think I may have mentioned this before, but alligators are my favorite animal. I plan to write a post about that sometime soon, because I feel that the reason alligators are my favorite animal actually makes for a pretty interesting story.

Anyway. I hope everyone is having a marvelous evening. I am listening to Sunny purr away directly behind my ear, and I am about to hit the hay. Good night!



Any thoughts?

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