Marriage Monday: The Ups and Downs

As I was looking through the calendar today, I realized that my one year anniversary is two weeks from today! WOW. How has this year gone by so fast?

I decided that today I’d switch back to Marriage Monday and talk a little about the ups and downs of being married. And because I love to do things in list form, here we go:

Things I Love About Marriage:

-Those times of being overwhelmed when I realize that this marriage is forever. Yes, I knew that when I accepted the engagement ring. But I’m talking about those sweet, quiet moments when David and I are getting ready for bed at night, and I look over at him and realize that David is my own personal David, and he will be my own personal David for the rest of my life. And sometimes that makes me want to squeal and jump up and down like my seven year old self would have  at a Michael Bolton concert.

-What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours. I love looking around at the things we have collected in our first year of marriage, and the things both our families and friends have given us to help feather our little nest. It’s so cool to see that these things are ours, and that we are building this little home together.

-David always turns out the lights at night when we go to bed. No more running through the bedroom at top speed and throwing myself onto the bed from several feet away so that the ghosties under the bed won’t come out of the dark and grab me.

-Looking down at my wedding rings. Yes, this one is totally superficial. But David gave me quite possibly the most perfect and beautiful engagement ring in the world. I love to look at it when I am out in the sunlight and see it sparkle. And my wedding band is just as perfect.

-Watching TV shows together. Of course, Sons of Anarchy is our favorite. But in our time together, we have picked up a few other shows that we watch together, and I love that we have something to share and bond over.

-Coming home to somebody. I am a loner, and I readily admit that. But I absolutely love when we meet each other at the door at the end of the day. 🙂

-Pet names. Cheesy and ridiculous, but they make me happy.

Things I Love to Hate About Marriage:

-Dirty socks everywhere. We have two laundry baskets in different locations. Why, instead, do I find them beside the cats’ litter boxes, under the couch, beside the bed?

-Watching my trashy shows by myself on the weekends when David is at work instead of whenever I want. I must admit that I am extremely selfish, and I want to watch Teen Mom 2 and Nanny 911 whenever I feel like it.

-Sharing the blankets. Self explanatory, I’m sure.

Okay, well my negative list wasn’t very long. But that’s a good thing, am I right? 🙂

I know what you’re thinking. But no, we did not plan this. 🙂

What do you love about marriage?



Any thoughts?

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